CAS services Powder Coating in Oxfo​rd​

CAS Services is a Father & Son business owned by Chris and Tim St.Germain.

We specialize in Powder Coating but also do General Repair, MIG/TIG Welding,

and Machining. We recently opened up shop in the Oxford Industrial Park on

Town Forest Rd. You can find us down there Monday through Saturday working

hard getting the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Powder Coating is a different alternative to paint. It is a dry powder that is placed

onto the part and then put into high heat to form a hard shell. We have a variety of

colors from your neutrals like black, grey, white, and chrome to bright vibrant colors

such as psycho green and radiant blue. If we do not have the color you are looking

for do not worry, we will order it and get the piece to you as quickly as possible.

With our 8x8x15 foot spray booth and oven we are able to powder coat automobile

parts, motorcycle parts, home appliances, bicycles and much more. 

If your are interested and want to learn more about Powder Coating and the process

give Chris or Tim a call or just stop by!